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 Way To Go Consulting Inc. incorporated in February 2011. Dale Lyle and Ernie Epp are the two partners of the company. The business was created to provide a variety of management and financial services to municipalities, as well as school divisions, associations, boards, and commissions.

Ernie and Dale have over 60 combined years of experience in senior management positions in municipal governments. They both have a results-based approach to problem solving and projects. Ernie is focused on the strategic planning and policy areas whereas Dale is more focused on financial services, including water and sewer rate studies. They both have a great deal of experience in human resource management and organizational structure. 

Between them they have the experience and skills to provide results based services in many of the areas that currently present challenges to municipalities and organizations.

Since launching in 2011, Way To Go Consulting Inc. has assisted over 90 municipalities in various ways. By doing so, Way To Go Consulting Inc. is helping to improve local government for everyone. 

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